Oil Painting Workshops

Oil Painting Workshops

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Oil Painting workshop

Emily will be teaching an oil painting workshop at The Art Works in East Horsley. To book please contact elaine@works-of-art.co.uk.

Date: 22nd January 2013 for 6 Weeks

Time: 1.30pm – 4.00pm

Class size: 10 Maximum

Cost: £130.00

Workshop Aim: Working in a modern, creative environment, professional artist Emily Angus will give you a comprehensive introduction to oil painting, covering the materials and methods most commonly used.Under her guidance, you will have the opportunity to explore and realise the possibilities of a variety of materials and mediums.You will develop strategies and procedures for working which will enable you to generate a body of work to suit your own personal interest.The studio work will be based around still life set-ups.
Emily will be demonstrating her techniques and will happily guide both beginners and the more experienced painters, so you can explore and enjoy yourself!

Studio equipment: Easels and stools will be provided (as will tea, coffee and biscuits!).

What to bring: Oil canvas or paper
A4 sketch book
Paint brushes – fine brush for detail (1-3)
medium filbert brush (8)
medium flatbrush (7)
small flat brush (5)
medium round brush (9)
small Fan brush (6)
large flat brush ( at least 2 inches across)
Palette Glass /plastic
2 palette knives
75 ml turpentine and linseed oil to thin the paint
750 ml white spirit or odourless solvent to clean your equipment
2 glass jars with lids to transport fluids for further use
Oil paints
Kitchen roll/ rag
Apron or coverall to protect your clothes!