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Cyprus Mattress


During an Artist Residency in Cyprus the quality of Emily’s sleep was poor due to the hot humid nights. This on going experience lead her to notice the large amount of abandoned bed discarded in and around the college. Left to bake in the sun she was interested in their new melting organic forms and the parallels of deterioration in her sleep.


Reflections of Alice

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There are parallels between this self portrait and the beginning of Alice’s in Wonderland. Alice has finished her descent down the rabbit hole and finds herself upon the floor. The self portrait was based upon an accident Emily had when  she was seven years old and is a reflection on how having concussion caused her to enter her own Wonderland.  Falling off a rope swing and hit her head on the brick floor below. Whilst falling the appearance of time changed and slowed her world, distorting it into green and red strands of colourful nonsense.